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Open since June 2005, welcome to Fans Basket: A site totally dedicated to the popular anime/manga shoujo series Fruits Basket! What have we got in store for you today? Well, we have everything you need to know about the series including the story and characterr profiles, along with info. about the Chinese and Western Zodiac, games, full length episodes for your viewing pleasure, manga release dates, and even shrines to other animes. Hope you enjoy the site! Feel free to tag on the tagboard or sign the guestbook! ^^
♥How We Got Started♥

This site was made in June 2005 and opened in September of 2005. The site basically started after Mai and Sacchan had become very interested in the Fruits Basket manga series (and Gure, although it was mildly interested. Mai: Shut up Gure, you didn't even know what fruits Basket was then!). Mai was also very into web design at the time. Feeling bored and wanting to make a website, she decided to make one about Fruits Basket and convinced Sango to help out with it. The knew that they would need help with graphics so they asked Becca to help out with layouts sometimes (Becca later quit the site) and Mai had to ask her bestfriend Gure to be a part of this too.

Now with a staff, Mai started making the site on summer vacation. To her luck, everyone was on vacation! Gure was the first to return, but by that time the site was done but Gure did try to help with grammer and finishing touches. Gure and Mai never heard from Becca so Mai had to make all the layouts for the site herself along with help from Gure (who found out she sucked at making them XP).

Next to join the staff was KitsuneX3chan who was a friend of gure, Mai, and Sacchan. She took the place of Becca, except that KitsuneX3chan is a good person that doesn't lie and make promises she knows she can't keep! And she can do graphics WAY better then Becca could.

♥The Name♥

Last thing to think of was the name which was pretty hard. We wanted the name to be obvious so people could tell that it was a Fruits Basket site. Mai tried to call Gure, but lost her phone number. So she called Becca (actually, Becca called her because she always annoys Mai on the phone). Becca was no help in thinking of a name. So Mai called Sacchan (actually, Sacchn called Mai because Sango never remembers her freaking homework! >_<). During the phone call Mai started looking at the back of Fruits Basket at a fan art section called 'Fans Basket'. And then it hit her! Fans Basket was the perfect name and any fan who reads the series would understand the joke. And so that's how we got our name.

♥ Site Problems♥
At first, Fans Basket was hosted a geocities for about 3 months (all of summer break). That way, Mai and Sdykikyou could come up with a good host. That's when Mai found a small hosting site called Kylosa.

Kylosa seemed to be the perfect host! Gure agreed and Sacchan didn't really care. So we set up our site at Kylosa for about 4 more months. During this time our site was at it's best. That's when Kylosa started acting funny. Everyone's, except a few lucky people, were down! Mai had a feeling that their files would be deleted and she was right! As soon as Kylosa was back up, Kevin told them that everyone's files were gone.

Gure was furious. She was the most upset to lose all our hard work! Not that Mai and KitsuneX3chan weren't also mad but Gure seriously would have killed Kevin if she knew were he lived ^^; (Gure:Well, I wasn't that bad! Okay, I was but so was Mai- sama! Mai: I could have cared less! I'd been wanting to re- vamp the site *pout*) And Sacchan held her usual emotionless expression that she always has -__-;

So Mai searched LITERALLY day and night (and that means literally!) to find a host. Affies, siblings, and visitors were nice enough to suggests hosts. We looked into all those hosts. But we finally found a host that stood out after visiting an affie who had also lost her files to Kylosa. Add!

Weird name, right? But great host! Mai and Gure couldn't believe the great things that Add provided. So, the Fans Basket staff was quick to taking a spot at Add and we're all really happy with it. It offers a lot, and we'll use are new space to the fullest. We love our new webhost so far and hope it'll offer more than Kylosa ("[beeep] [beep] [beeeeeeeeeep] Kylosa!"- sdykikyou. Mai: Be nice Sdy ^^;). Meanwhile, sdykikyou is going to save all of the files onto her computer. Oh, and Fans Basket has just celebrated its first birthday on June 23, 2006!

♥MORE Site Problems♥
Little while after we found Add Your, though it was a great host, we moved AGAIN! The main reason was because that Add Your was very picky about the browsers you use, therefore a lot of people (including people on the staff) couldn't access the site! So, our solution was to move to Awardspace since it's just like Add Your, only this time it would be easier to access. But of course the domain ( HAD to be long and take forever to type and was taken. So we signed up with to try to get a shorter domain, but it took to long to redirect. Then Mai managed to find the domain (from if you wanna know) which was really cool and all...but then would put an add on you page. So...Mai just decided to type random things in google and click on random links and poof! There was Ice! So that's how and WHY we got the short domain we have now. Why OUR website has some many problems, we're still not sure.