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Open since June 2005, welcome to Fans Basket: A site totally dedicated to the popular anime/manga shoujo series Fruits Basket! What have we got in store for you today? Well, we have everything you need to know about the series including the story and characterr profiles, along with info. about the Chinese and Western Zodiac, games, full length episodes for your viewing pleasure, manga release dates, and even shrines to other animes. Hope you enjoy the site! Feel free to tag on the tagboard or sign the guestbook! ^^
♥Sohma Ayame♥

Name: Ayame

Age: 27

Zodiac Animal: The Snake

Like most snakes, Ayame is the drama queen. Um... er...drama king? Anyway, Ayame has quite a personality as you will notice very quickly. Like Tohru, he doesn't come off as seeming like one of the "smartest" people you'd met in your life. I mean, he runs a costume shop that sells maid and sailor costumes for girls because he says that every man needs a "romantic fantasy". You'd hate to have this idiot as a brother, wouldn't you? That's too bad for Yuki, because Ayame is his older brother! But Ayame cares for Yuki and doesn't mean to get on his nerves. He wants to be closer to Yuki. See, he's trying to make up for past, because when they were younger and Yuki needed him, Ayame ignored Yuki. He's really trying not to annoy his little brother, but he's not doing a very good job of it since his personality seems to freak out a lot of people. He and Shigure have a weird little greeting that freaks out everyone but Hatori, who just shakes his head on their idiocy. Why, you ask? Because Ayame, along with Shigure and Hatori make up the Mabudachi Trio, and have known each other since high school (probably further back).

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