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Open since June 2005, welcome to Fans Basket: A site totally dedicated to the popular anime/manga shoujo series Fruits Basket! What have we got in store for you today? Well, we have everything you need to know about the series including the story and characterr profiles, along with info. about the Chinese and Western Zodiac, games, full length episodes for your viewing pleasure, manga release dates, and even shrines to other animes. Hope you enjoy the site! Feel free to tag on the tagboard or sign the guestbook! ^^
♥Main Characters♥

Naota: Naota (Ta-kun) is just trying to live an average life which is kind of hard with an alien chick following you around. He can't bring himself to say that Haruko isn't annoying the hell out of him. He tries to hide the new bumps he gets on his head thanks to Haruko's guitar by using a band-aids.

Haruko: Haruko was once in love with a pirate king who later died. Ever since then she's been looking for the power he possessed that was sealed inside someone with 'the right head' (Naota). Now she's out to get Naota because she thinks that SHE deserved that power more then he did.

Mamimi: Mamimi doesn't have a home or friends. After her boyfriend left she hung around his younger brother Naota (who she kick named Ta-kun). Mamimi is a bit of a loner and hangs out under a bridge where she often smokes or plays video games. And she also has a cat which she named after Ta-kun.

Canti: The first robot to pop out of Naota's head who also lives with him along with all thoes other weird people in his house. Mamimi was first attracted to Canti because he reminded her of a character from her favorite video game Firestarter.

Amarao: The head of a secret organization. He stalks Naota quite a bit trying to get more information about Haruko. He seems to have it out for her.