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Open since June 2005, welcome to Fans Basket: A site totally dedicated to the popular anime/manga shoujo series Fruits Basket! What have we got in store for you today? Well, we have everything you need to know about the series including the story and characterr profiles, along with info. about the Chinese and Western Zodiac, games, full length episodes for your viewing pleasure, manga release dates, and even shrines to other animes. Hope you enjoy the site! Feel free to tag on the tagboard or sign the guestbook! ^^
♥About The Name♥
If your not too familiar with the series Fruits Basket I bet you've been wondering this: Why the Name Fruits Basket?! Must admit, the name IS a bit of a turn off. But once you start reading you'll understand that the name really fits.

The name comes from a childhood game that the main character Tohru played. It's as simple as that.

♥How To Play♥

This game isn't going to have you calling up all your friends to play. Fruits Basket (or Furuba) is a childish pre-school game similar to "Duck, Duck, Goose" or "Tag" because it's easy and has no winner nor loser. Here's how you play:

1. You'll need a large group of people

2. Everyone sits in a circle and is assigned the name of a Fruit

3. You pick someone to be "it"

4. The person who is "it" will call out the name of any random fruit

5. These two people will switch seats, and the person who was called is now "it"

6. And the games keeps going on until everyone gest bored.