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Open since June 2005, welcome to Fans Basket: A site totally dedicated to the popular anime/manga shoujo series Fruits Basket! What have we got in store for you today? Well, we have everything you need to know about the series including the story and characterr profiles, along with info. about the Chinese and Western Zodiac, games, full length episodes for your viewing pleasure, manga release dates, and even shrines to other animes. Hope you enjoy the site! Feel free to tag on the tagboard or sign the guestbook! ^^
♥Inuyasha Characters♥

Inuyasha: A half demon with a human mother and demon father. He's after the shikon jewel in order to become a full demon. He fell in love with a priestess named Kikyou who pinned him to a tree 50 years ago. He was released after meeting Kagome. Inuyasha normally has a bad attitude and is very stubborn. His weapon in the Tetsaiga which can kill 100 people in one swipe.

Kagome: Kagome is a 15 year old 9th grader from present day Japan. She can transport back and forth to the feudal era by jumping down a well in her family shrine. She has spiritual powers gained from the women she was reincarnated from, Kikyou. She can't fight well but she does come in handy when it comes to food and medical supplies. Like Inuyasha she can be stubborn at times.

Shippo: Shippo is a fox demon orphan who's father was killed by the thunder brothers. He joined up with Inuyasha and Kagome after they agreed to help him take revenage on the thunder brothers. He's doesn't fight much but can shape shift. He also acts childish a lot.

Miroku: A perverted monk cursed with a black hole in his hand that sucks up everything called a wind tunnel. His wind tunnel grows every year and will one day swallow him up. This cursed was set by Naraku and has been passed down for generations in his family. Miroku met up with Inuyasha and his friends when he stole the shikon jewel shard from Kagome in hopes that Naraku would come after him to get it.

Sango: A young demon slayer who's family and fellow demon slayers were killed when Naraku set a trap for them. Her brother Kohaku was the only survior and Naraku has now taken over his body. Sango wants to go after Naraku to get her brother back. She joins up with Inuyasha and his friends after she attacks Inuyasha thinking that he was the demon that killed everyone in her village.

Naraku: Naraku started out as a bandit named Omigumo who's whole body was burned after being caught in an explosion. Kikyou use to take care of her and he fell in love with her. One day he sold his soul to a bunch of demons and became Naraku. Naraku is still a half demon and wants the shikon jewel to become stronger. The only thing that is really stopping him is his human heart that still longs for Kikyou.

♥Supporting Characters♥

Kikyou: A powerful priestess who was to watch over the Shiko jewel. She was killed by Naraku and tricked into thinking that Inuyasha was the one that killed her. After being brought back to life by a demon/witch/ugly old women dude she went after Inuyasha thinking that he had betrayed her. Since Kagome has her soul (because she's her reincarnation), the only part of her soul that she recieved back now that she is living is the evil in her soul.

Sesshomaru: Inuyasha's brother who is jealous because Inuyasha got the "cool sword". Sesshomaru's father left him with the Tetseiga which does the opposite of Inuyasha's. It can SAVE 100 people in one swipe. Sesshomaru seems cold but her does have a tiny miro-mini-sized- piece of compassion. He lost an arm in a battle with Inuyasha.

Kohaku: Sango's little brother. After the attack the demon slayers by a spider demon Kohaku's body was taken over by Naraku. He has no memories of Sango or his past.

Kagura: Naraku's incarnation. She's a wind demon who wants to be like the wind...FREE from Naraku. She often times tries to betray Naraku and fails because Naraku has her "hear in his hands" literally!

Kana: Another one of Naraku's incarnations. She's loyal but doesn't show emotions. She carries around a mirror that can steal souls.

Hakudoshi: Er...that's his name right? I don't remember. Any who...another one of Naraku's incarnations (surprising isn't it? -_-;) He's a strange yet powerful child. He use to be an infant until that infant was split into two. He's only one half of that infant.

The Infant: The other half of the infant that Hakudoshi came from. There really isn't much to say ^^;

Koga: The head of the wolf demons (in the north, I think). He has (er..had) two shards of the shikon in his legs giving great speed. He's in love with Kagome because he's impressed with her power to see the shikon jewel.

Rin: A young human girl killed by Koga's wolves. Sesshomaru brought her back with his Tetseiga. Ever since she's been following him around.

Jaken: A weird little toad/bird demon thing that follows Sesshomaru around. Sesshomaru once saved his clan from a demon and repays him by serving him whether Sesshomaru likes it or not.

Kaede: Kikyou's um...younger sister ^^; She's a priestess like her sister that forced Inuyasha and Kagome to collect the shards of the Shiko jewel. She also put the spell on the necklace Inuyasha wears around his neck that allows Kagome to make him sit.

Tsubaki: I think I spelled her name wrong. A rival of Kikyou. She's a greedy priestess who is jealous of Kikyou because she was granted the honor of protecting the Shikon jewel. She has hated Kikyou ever since and is constantly putting cursed on her. One of which was the she's fall in love and die a tragic death which actually happened....

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