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Open since June 2005, welcome to Fans Basket: A site totally dedicated to the popular anime/manga shoujo series Fruits Basket! What have we got in store for you today? Well, we have everything you need to know about the series including the story and characterr profiles, along with info. about the Chinese and Western Zodiac, games, full length episodes for your viewing pleasure, manga release dates, and even shrines to other animes. Hope you enjoy the site! Feel free to tag on the tagboard or sign the guestbook! ^^
♥The Great Race♥

Another version of the chinese Zodiac is that once there was a powerful ruler in China who decided to have a race. The top 12 would get their own year. All the animals decided to enter the race including the cat and the rat who were both best friends. They ate together, played together and slept together (ew, not like that!). The night before the race they decided that they would wake up early in the morning and ride on the ox's back so they would be the first to cross the finish line. The ox even agreed to let them do so.

But the rat was greedy. He wanted to be first. So that morning the cat, the rat, and the ox got off to an early start. But the rat had a plan. There was a river to be crossed right before they reached the finish line.

The rat knew that the cat's favorite food was fish. So right when they were crossing the river the rat told the cat that there were some really nice looking fish in the water. The cat bent over the ox to look down into the water. And when he did, the rat pushed him right in.

The cat couldn't swim and was left in the river. The ox noticed what the rat was doing. But before he could do anything they had already reached the shore and the rat jump off the ox and ran to the finish line.

Ever since then, the ox and cat had felt betrayed by their friend the rat.